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E-Commerce with Inventory Model

Setting up and starting a new e-commerce business is an aspiration of budding entrepreneurs of today. But, as the tremendous growth within the market, the business vision for setting up your own e-commerce has to be stable and realistic and nevertheless should comply with Consumer Protection (E-commerce) Rules,2020 and its subsequent amendments as Direct selling entities fall within the ambit of Inventory model of E-commerce. Prior to attaining or visualizing success, our direct selling consultants help you in your e-commerce company registration in Delhi which further influences your growth to establish your own online store with an inventory model.

Your e-commerce business registration is the primary step to set up your eCommerce store. You should remember that the type of entity to be formed has to be identified as well. Besides, you should note that registering your e-commerce business with an inventory model should comply with Consumer Protection (E-commerce) Rules,2020, and should be registered as a Private Limited Company. This has been the most popular choice among entrepreneurs even though it requires extra compliance.

How To Start A New E-Commerce Business With Inventory Model?

You can now kick start your process of e-commerce company registration in Delhi with our expert team of advisors and avail our wide variety of services. gets executed, applying for GST registration is the next priority to focus on. You as an entrepreneur should ensure that you apply and complete the necessary statutory compliance which is required for running a successful e-commerce platform.It is important to consider that every Direct Selling entity that markets their products & services digitally whether through their website or through their app they need to comply with Consumer Protection (E-commerce) Rules,2020.We support and guide you in the next steps to proceed with building your e-commerce brand, create goodwill by offering products & services with the highest value of customer satisfaction, and register trademarks to create their brand identity. Your e-commerce platform should target and attract your audience who further support the success of your business.

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Steps Involved In Setting Up An E-Commerce Inventory Model Direct Selling Entity:

It is very simple to set up an online store for serving customers anywhere across India. Apart from registering your company, you need an active website complied with Direct Selling Guidelines 2016 managed by your digital marketing team to attract customers and direct sellers who shall be further marketing your products. Once you register your e-commerce business operations you take up the responsibility of displaying your products through your website or through your dedicated app which further needs to comply with Consumer Protection (E-commerce) Rules,2020.

Why is e-commerce business registration important?

E-commerce business is in demand and is considered as the fastest growing business in India. Once e-commerce combines with direct selling there is untapped potential for exponential growth opportunities. From paperless transactions to an easily accessible platform to showcase their products and services accessible from anywhere where direct sellers have the opportunity to promote & market the products and earn commission on the sale. Through online availability of products which can be showcased to prospects and easy access to promotion which will further deliver customer experience, e-commerce business has a rich scope and proves to be futuristic business idea. Therefore, in order to operate with utmost ease and comply with Consumer Protection (E-commerce) Rules,2020 which is further essential for every direct selling entity with an e-commerce inventory model, Piplbyte Infotech help entrepreneurs in simple ways. We ensure that your e-commerce business registration is smooth. Depending on the requirement of an e-commerce business and the features of the business, all the documentation steps for business registration are carried out by our highly qualified team members. Following the guidelines laid out by the Govt. of India, we ensure the e-commerce firm of our clients gets registered without any loophole.

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