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Direct Selling Business needs the right alliance & affiliation to take their business to the next level.Every successful direct selling business owner should opt man that opts for rigorous due diligence & comply with Direct Selling Guidelines.It is mandatory for every MLM company to comply with rules & regulations laid by various ministries governed to be a legitimate direct selling organization.Ministry of Consumer Affairs,Ministry of Corporate Affairs,Ministry of Commerce & Industry,Ministry of Finance,Ministry of Law & Justice,Ministry of Home Affairs & Reserve Bank of India.Our MLM industry experts review your products/services as per direct selling guidelines & industry performance indicators to access & suggest the right product & company certifications as per your business concept for your direct selling company.

An entrepreneur participating actively in the direct selling industry has the responsibility to carry out his operations and support the Direct Seller task force with the certifications to endorse market credibility & goodwill.We help our clients identify the RIGHT alliance & affiliation required to showcase the brand concept in your MLM company.It is important to note for direct selling business owners that few of their product / services certifications & registrations are mandatory for smooth direct selling company operations.Our MLM consultants help in setting up meetings & completing relevant paperwork along with backend co-ordination for completing the process of product & company certifications & registrations.Your direct selling company shall succeed with their go-to market strategy & product launch in India with the right alliance & industry affiliation which is an imperative exercise for kick starting your direct selling business.

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Cerifications & Registrations play an important role in building market credibility and act as the right business tool to boost by the direct seller task force.Through various reputed certifying bodies and registrations,direct selling entities have the opportunity to be recognized by various industry affiliations.We suggest our clients for active participation in industry affiliations to build up better image for market capitalization. 
When direct selling companies comply with the Direct Selling Guidelines along with various allied notifications issues for keeping up the safeguard activities for any legal direct selling entity.Along with Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Ministry of Consumer Affairs,there are various departments working tirelessly for the smooth functioning of Direct Selling Industry.We help our clients in obtaining mandatory registrations such as FSSAI,IPR,Trademarks,Patents,Legal Metrology,Bio Stimulant to ensure that the business owner is practising fair trade.
1.    Startup
2.    MSME
3.     ISO
5.    Registration with Department of Legal Metrology
6.    Trademark & Other IPRs(Intellectual Property Rights)
7.    Registration with Bio Stimulants
9.    KOSHER
10.    HACCP
11.    FoSCoS/FSSAI
12.    FDA 
13.    CIB
1.    FICCI
2.    CII
4.    RAI
5.    PHD Chamber of Commerce
6.    RASCI


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Piplbyte is a great company run by a team of highly professional people. They helped me with Direct selling Company Registration and the process was quite smooth. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

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