Efficiency & Innovation During Uncertainty Times Of COVID-19

The business jargon namely efficiency signifies the peak level of business performance that uses the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output. Whereas Innovation is the process of creating value by applying novel solutions to meaningful business problems. In the current scenario, where uncertainty is high; it is important for direct selling business operations to take into account and make it a usual business practice. Infact many industry experts stress on innovating daily through everyday practice. 

A leader innovates to survive in an alien environment. Once the entrepreneur understands the importance of innovation in daily business practice he can easily be efficient in solving problems with out of the box solutions. The true essence of a any serious entrepreneur is their risk-taking ability. In these trying times, it is essential for Direct Sellers to embrace this Quality in order to innovate and reinvigorate their team building models for retained success.

During these uncertain times, direct selling businesses understood the importance of going digital. Many opted complete online support and store for easy access of products to be promoted to the prospects of direct sellers. Complete management of delivery of online trainings, one to one zoom meetings or online conferencing for product launches or annual anniversaries. These examples are classic for any direct selling business operations to understand that they used their innovative and efficient techniques to perform better and achieve their goals.

Some of the larger things to focus by any efficient management team is about innovation and efficiency is focusing on economies of scale—how increasing production can drop down the cost of production. In these times, sanitization requirements can be tough to meet by small organizations. On the flip side however, we need to look at how efficiency can be driven up in terms of quality and concentration. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at a digital first time like this is very important for your Direct Selling business to be visible and have subsequent maximum reach among the potential prospects.

Agile Leadership is primarily considered important for innovation and learning. Creating new metrics within the business opertaions to help determine how agile the company is, how agile it ought to be, and whether its velocity is optimal or not. Having individuals focus on a single task, can be a part of focused improvement that the enterprise can strive towards. This will lead to planned maintenance with regular quality checks. Having these systems in place leads to a cycle of standardizing routine operations where there is room for some much-needed risky innovation.

During the current scenario, direct selling business operations can focus on education and training for specific process within their online developed systems. With the given time, upskilling can be a vital tool that is at our disposal for success. Customer Engagement and smooth grievance mechanism ensures a healthy feedback chain between their direct seller community and company.In conclusion, with these times, one must change and adapt with them and envision to be better.