What You Should Know About Legal Metrology Certification Guidelines?

In 2009, legal metrology was enforced to maintain accuracy and uniformity of all weights and measures. Besides, setting standard for manufacturing, importing and regulation of legal metrology certification has been implemented to promote fairness in the businesses. The role of legal metrology department is to protect consumers from traders who have fraudulent intent. In the current business scenario, keeping customers informed is the prime aspect of the metrology department. However, when it comes to certification, a set of guidelines has been ruled out to address individual aspects related to business. 

There are multiple guidelines which have been determined as the yardstick for obtaining legal metrology certification. From registration of company, importer’s registration, types of licenses and other pre-defined laws have been declared by the Legal Metrology department to prohibit the use of illegal weights and measures. On the other hand, discouraging short delivery, overcharging the commodity or encouraging customers to avoid unstamped weights & instruments are among the major functions of legal metrology department. 

Let’s understand the guidelines related to the certification of legal metrology:


Registration of Companies 

Whether a business entity is manufacturer, importer or packer who deals with the trading of weighs & measuring equipment, Legal Metrology department registers the company. Under the Legal Metrology Act, a standard procedure of company’s registration is carried out to keep clients protected from unfair and scrupulous practices of trading. This registration process is intended at saving efforts and time of the organization to gauge whether the packaging, manufacturing or importing authorities are authorized or not. 

At present, various portals allow companies to register themselves under the Metrology Act in most of the Indian states. Nevertheless, the company where this facility is not available, company is required to apply for offline registration. We make this procedure of company registration simplified as our technical team provides comprehensive assistance in acquiring legal metrology license.

Registration of Importer

The Certificate of Registration of Importer should be applied for by the individuals or organizations that want to operate according to the standard guidelines. As a reputable importer of measuring instruments, ensuring about the business authenticity in the market, is a primary requisite to be followed. One has to file application for legal metrology certification as mentioned in the schedule X under Rule 15 and obtained under section 19 of the Legal Metrology Act 2009. At Piplbyte Infotech we make the registration and renewal of license for existing importers, a smooth process. 

Registration of Manufacturer, Importer, and Packers

From labelling of weights & measuring instruments to their registration, following the guidelines set by Legal Metrology Department is a must. In fact, it is necessary for the labels of equipment used for measuring need to be compliant with the Legal Metrology Act determined for packaged commodities under Rules 2011 and 2017. As a part of the Legal Metrology Certification framework, the company should obtain registration for packaging and warehouse or get the license of existing company renewed.

Types of Licenses

Acquisition of license and application for registering certification of weighing and measuring equipment are the two practices ruled out by Legal Metrology. In order to obtain certification of legal metrology, import, marketing, manufacture and repair are the various segments that have been identified. At Piplbyte Infotech, we empower our clients to seek and get certifications in accordance with the Legal Metrology Act effortlessly. Among the different types of Licenses, we have classified following categories in our services:

  1. License as a Dealer
  2. License as a Manufacturer
  3. License as a Repairer

Model Approval 

According to Legal Metrology Act, various models of weighs & measuring instruments should seek approval before their export or sale. The Model Approval is a certification laid out by Legal Metrological Department for verifying the details and documentation of the equipment. In order to obtain the certificate, the brand of the device or equipment should file an application along with the submission of certificate of authenticity. Piplbyte Infotech makes model approval process hassle free for all the clients. 

Stamping & Verification 

The enforcement rules of Legal Metrology amended in 2010 mention that the instrument should be stamped and verified in advance. The whole idea is to ensure that the weighing & measuring instrument should be compliant to the standards of Legal Metrology. If you have been looking for an easiest way to obtain labels, stamps or verification, then, Piplbyte Infotech will help you in accomplishing this goal. 

Acquire Legal Metrology Certification from Piplbyte Infotech 

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